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Digital Archive Overview


The current version of the CoPA database system was developed in Microsoft Access 97.  The main goals in designing the system were that it would be easy to use, easy to maintain, dependable, reliable, and would meet all of the needs of the CoPA project.  The system consists of three major parts:

A master database housed at the University of Rhode Island

A data collection application which is used to gather information for the master database

A read only "browser" application for demonstration purposes

The basic user interface to all three parts is the same.  The following is a simple demonstration of this interface.  The demonstration is at your own pace and you can go through as much or as little as you wish.  To begin, simply click on one of the text items in the yellow area of the Main Form image below.  Each text item is a button which will take you to another page that contains an image and description of the next form.  The buttons in the left margin of the demo pages mimic these actions as well.

Main Form

This form is the main navigation form, and is the first form that you see after the application is launched (that is, when you open the database application).  Its main purpose is to allow you to determine the mode of operation that you want to use to view the data : editable mode or read only "browser" mode.  The editable mode allows you to add, delete and edit records, while the read only mode prevents any modifications to the records.  Either option allows you to search the database records and print reports.

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