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Pattern Company History

The table below provides a brief overview detailing the dates of operation for the major US pattern companies and the fashion periodicals the companies published to promote their patterns.

Major Pattern Companies

Dates of Pattern Production Fashion Periodicals Published by Pattern Company
Advance 1932-1964 None
Butterick 1863-present Delineator
Demorest Ca. 1854-1894 Demorest Magazine (Title Varies)
Domestic 1873-1895 Domestic Monthly
Dubarry Ca1932-1947
(Subsidiary of Simplicity)
Excella 1922-1936
Purchased by Simplicity
Excella Fashion Quarterly
Harper’s Bazar (sic) 1868-1913 Harper’s Bazar (Issued Weekly)
Hollywood 1932-1947 Hollywood Pattern Book (Title Varies)
Home 1905-1932 Ladies Home Journal
McCall 1870-present McCall’s (Title Varies)
New Idea 1894-1920
Merged with Butterick
New Idea (Title Varies)
New York 1932-ca1945 None
Pictorial 1899-1939
Purchased by Simplicity
Pictorial Review
Simplicity 1927-present None
Standard 1887-ca1926
Merged with Butterick
Designer (Title Varies)
Vogue 1899-present Vogue